Rent a garage, attic, cupboard or even a shed from your neighbours

How it works...

Search for a local space to store your things

Send date reservation request to host

Agree a time,date and place for the 'drop off'



Cashless payments

Avoids having to take round monthly cash or checks. Secure and safe recurring payments.


Simple Pricing

Agree a weekly fee with the host and that is what you pay, nothing more.


Store it Local

It just makes sense on so many levels, the closer the better.


Flexible Terms

No rigid, lengthy contracts. No early termination fees. Booking lengths are up to you and the host.



List your space

Large space? Break into multiple listings. Renters need different sizes.



All enquiries expire after 24hrs, so please respond quickly (as you'd have them do to you!)


Where and when

The renter will receive your location and contact details only after you accept their request.


Earn Rent

Woah! You're created an income from previously unused space in your property.

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    Happy Customers

  • Helen Watson

    Media Buyer, London

    I needed 20sqft of storage near to my flat and it turned out there was someone in the next street looking to rent out the loft space for just £10 week. Really happy with the arrangement.

  • Rick Fellows

    Fireman, Woking

    Needed as secure garage to store a vintage car for 6m near home - this worked out perfectly for me thorugh

  • John Olsen


    Now that I've retired we've sold our 2nd car, and just did't need the garage space - now we've rented it out for £25 week, and I'm delighted.